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2022 Top Wedding Trends

Who's excited for 2022??? Heck yeah baby, so are we! And we could not be more excited for the trends we see coming in the wedding industry for this new year! Soooooo... let's get into it and check out some of our fav trends!

More Intimate Celebrations

As a result of the pandemic, many couples had to drastically size down their guest count. While this may have seemed sad at the time, many have found that they were happier with a more intimate ceremony. It took more stress off their shoulders and allowed them with more time to visit with each of their guests. Making it seem less like the hi and bye game all night long, they could enjoy the evening with their closest friends and families. Not to mention this keeps the focus on YOU as the couple being celebrated and less on how to please all of your guests. Bonus points as well, for bringing the overall cost of the wedding down and encouraging couples to spend their budgets on a truly unique experience for them.

Destination Weddings

While it is very traditional to get married where you or your partner currently live or grew up, destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. This goes along with the smaller guest count trend mentioned above. This is a perfect compromise between a traditional wedding and eloping. Some couples choose National Parks, popular beach sites, or a place that has significant meaning to them for their destination wedding. If you are willing and capable to travel for your big day, we say DO IT. You will never regret making this day completely about you and your vision of what you want. As selfish as this may sound, it's a day to celebrate your love story and you should do it how you want, when you want, and where you want. PERIOD.

Guest Attire

Many couples are opting for a more relaxed vibe in terms of their quests' attire. It is safe to say that in 2022 you will see more cocktail attire and less black-tie for a more of a party feel and a little less traditional. It's a night about celebration, having fun, and enjoying the night and the trend in guest attire is reflecting just that! Another interesting thing we've seen pop up is couple's providing color palette's for their guests based on their wedding design and theme. For example, for a more formal, classic wedding, guests may be asked to come in black or white (I know, I know white is a bit taboo, but people are doing it!)

Individual Servings

COVID brought many changes to the catering side of weddings. Individual servings became very popular as opposed to platters. With this, couples and vendors saw the opportunity to really have fun with individualized food. Tiny charcuterie cups, sushi trays, and many other unique ideas can be brought about using this idea. Couples can and should personalize the menu SO much more! Esther Lee from The Knot says, "Some couples are crafting entire wedding menus around their love story, starting with the wine they enjoyed before their first kiss or the first dish they made together at home." What a fun way to add another aspect of YOU to the wedding of your dreams?!

Weekday Weddings

Weekday weddings are in ladies and gents! So many benefits go along with having your wedding during the week. For starters, this is a very budget friendly option. Nearly every venue and vendor offer discounted rates for weekday services. It also allows for you to choose a date that has special meaning to you or that works best with everyone's schedules, rather than fighting literally every other couple for a Saturday. Another reason is the opportunity for more family time. Often times family and friends have to be back to work on Monday, leaving little time to spend with you *sad face*. However, a weekday wedding gives friends and family the whole weekend to hangout and enjoy each others company!

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Photography: Honeybee Weddings


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