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Detailed Wedding Planning Checklist

Photography: Honeybee Weddings

It happened. You're engaged! Woohoo! Take a moment to breathe it all in (yes, that includes admiring your ring for the 8000th time) it's okay, we get it and we're totally here for it! Sooooo you're getting married, let's talk about it already! Below we have provided a detailed wedding planning checklist, from the big YES to the I do's. Let's get into it!

12 Months +

Celebrate, girlfriend! You just got in engaged! Enjoy yourself, throw an engagement party, tell friends and family! This is a very low stress, no pressure time, so it's perfect for doing a little research here and there about what you want your day to look like!

12 Months

Now is the time to start putting your budget together and talking it over with those who will be funding this magical event (ie. parents, grandparents, in-laws). Next, you'll want to discuss your high priority vendors. 2022 and 2023 are going to see a boom in weddings, so it's important if you've had a venue or photographer that you've been eying for quite some time, book them first. Often times your date will revolve around the availability of these vendors, as well as the schedules of your top priority guests. You'll want to make sure you take these things into consideration when picking a date! At this point you should be following local wedding planners, inquiring with them, and determining if you'll want to proceed with a planner! This is also a good time to start touring venues and building your Pinterest with your fav style and decor ideas!

Photography: Honeybee Weddings

Check out the full 2 Day Glacier National Park wedding post for more inspo!

11 Months

At this time, you'll want to secure your venue and finalize your official wedding date! Yayyy! Now you can put your dream team together. That's right girl, assemble the bridesmaids and groomsmen! You'll want to be putting together your master guest list as well. Whether you're working with a planner to do this next step, or you've got this all on your should be reaching out to vendors, determining what you like and don't like, then book them before their unavailable!

10 Months

Gather up your bridal party gals and get to shopping girl! It's time to start your "Say Yes to the Dress" journey! Make sure your other half is taking some time to try on and see what he likes as well, you'll both want to be looking and feeling your best for this special day! This is also the time to be looking into accommodations and transportation for your guests. Reserving hotel room blocks and finding the best way to get your guests to and from your chosen venue.

9 Months

Begin looking into your entertainment options (ie. live band, DJ, friend) and booking rentals. Always be sure to ask your venue if they provide any rentals (ie. tables, chairs, dinnerware) before renting them all from a separate vendor. Most photographers offer a complimentary engagement session with their wedding package. Now is the time to cash in on that sista! Take those adorable engagement photos with your soon-to-be hubby and show off that ring, girl!

8 Months

Let's put those precious engagement photos to use and create your save the dates! Don't forget to sign up for your registry before sending those babies out to your friends and family. One of the less glamorous, yet still important tasks is purchasing wedding insurance, ESPECIALLY with what 2020 and the pandemic showed us, you don't want to skip this step. Now for the more fun part, take some time to dream up your honeymoon with your significant other. Research, talk to other married couples, look at your budget, and get the ideas flowing!

Photography: Honeybee Weddings

7 Months

Now that you've got a general idea of your overall theme and color palette, it's time to dress up your pretty ladies and handsome groomsmen in your style of choice. There are so many ways to do bridesmaids attire these days. They can all be same color and same style, same color and different style, or different color and same style. How ever you decide to do it, just make sure they compliment your gown and style! You'll want to finalize all vendors during this time, so as to make sure you won't be scrambling closer to the wedding date. If you are holding your ceremony and reception at different locations, now is the time to secure your reception location.

Photography: Honeybee Weddings

6 Months

Whether or not you are a religious couple, premarital counseling or marriage prep is always a good idea to help prepare your relationship for marriage! This is the time to get the ball rolling with that, whether it be through your church, with a marriage counselor, or if you just want to go to brunch with your fav role model couple and get advice from them! This is also when you should be securing and finalizing your hair and makeup team, as well as shopping for your wedding bands if you have not done so already!

5 Months

Get ready ladies, because it's invitation time! Have all the fun designing these little cuties with your paper vendor. If you need help with this, may we suggest Lichen & Pines Letterpress or Summit & Sage. Now is the time to get these beauties ordered, to ensure they will arrive in plenty of time to send them to your guests! You will also want to meet with your caterer during this time and plan out your menu. Remember that dreamy honeymoon we were talking about earlier?? Finalize those plans girlfriend! This is also the time period in which you'll want to make sure you've got your ceremony officiant nailed down. Whether that be a minister or family friend, you want them locked in! Any additional beauty appointments or upkeep should be set or started now. Setting hair color or cut, tanning, teeth whitening, or nail appointments should be taken care of around this time.

Photography: Honeybee Weddings

4 Months

If you're loved ones are planning on throwing you a bridal/wedding shower, this is a good time for them to send out those invites and getting things lined up for this fun event! This is also the time when you will want to meet with your DJ or band and discuss your wedding playlist. If you're like me and you've had a dream wedding playlist on your Spotify for the last 5 years, just hand it over and call it a day. If you haven't quite thought that far in advance or really don't have a particular preference, we recommend giving your DJ or band a DON'T play list. That way you can be sure you won't hear songs or genres that you're not into!

3 Months

It's finally time! Send out those gorgeous invitations you've been working on! Eeeek, we are getting so close to wedding day! Take a breath and enjoy that lovely bridal shower, bask in all your fiance glory! This is a great time to have your trial hair and makeup meeting. Find our what you like and don't like and get ready to choose your official wedding look!

Photography: Haley J Photo

2 Months

Time to enjoy your bach party with yo girls!! Woohoo, get it girl! After all the parting is over, don't forget to take some time to write your vows and decide if you'll be doing guest favors or thank yous. If so, start looking around and get that figured out.

1 Month

Head down to the courthouse and get yourself a marriage license! You're only one month away! Double check all wedding attire, make sure there is no need for last minute alterations and if so, now is the time to take care of that. Confirm all wedding party attire is ready to go as well. At this point you should have a pretty good idea of who all is attending your wedding, so this is the perfect time to start putting together a seating chart if you are doing one!

Photography: Honeybee Weddings

2 weeks

Confirm all attending guests and give this number to your caterer and/or bar vendor. Touch base with all your vendors and confirm everything you have planned up to this point and notify them of any changes. If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, plan a final meeting with them to go over everything so you can feel relaxed and confident in their skills and knowledge of how you want this day to go! Finalize those wedding vows, we are two weeks away girl! This is also a good time frame to give your photographer a photo shot list. This is essentially a compilation of names and combinations of people you want photos with. This way you don't have to worry about getting all the shots you want on the day of the wedding, because your amazing photographer has it covered!

Week of Wedding

RELAX. Pamper yourself as much as possible this week. Everything should be finalized and ready to go, aside from a few minor tasks that you can pass off to a trusted friend or family member. There are a few things to remember to do this week. Steam your dress, iron suits, and confirm all wedding attire is ready to go for the big day. Get your rings cleaned up and take some time to pack an overnight bag.

Wedding Day

We're finally here! It's the big day! Trust that your planner/coordinator or vendors and trusted family members have got the details under control and focus on the reason for this special day! Happy tears, joyful laughs, and precious memories await you on this day, so be ready to enjoy it!

Photography: Honeybee Weddings

After Wedding Day

Set out by air, land, or sea to your dreamy honeymoon destination and begin the adventure of a lifetime with your person! Bask in the joy of knowing you get to spend the rest of your days with the one you love most :)



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