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July Wedding at White Raven

Jasmine + Forrest

Oh, where to begin with this masterpiece??

This couple was an absolute DREAM to work with and it is no surprise that their wedding turned out to be an absolute DREAM as well! This couple's love story began in the heart of Missoula, Montana and even though they have since moved on, they made the journey back along with their friends and family to celebrate in the place that brought them together. How sweet and special is that?? Jasmine chose the perfect color palette for this day with her blushy pinks, creamy whites, and beige intertwining with the overall intricate floral design. With so many green tones filling the background, these carefully chosen colors contrasted perfectly and made for some incredible photos!

One of the big concerns for couples getting married during the July and August months in the Montana area is the smoke. These months are peak fire season and things can definitely get pretty smokey. However, what most couples don't know is that a somewhat smokey environment makes for the coolest, hazy backdrops for photos! Of course you don't want your guests inhaling large quantities of polluted air while trying to celebrate you, soooooo this is barring the air quality is still relatively good. Luckily, that was exactly the case with Jasmine and Forrest's wedding and we were still able to hold all festivities outside AND get the perfect pictures. But seriously check out how cool these photos turned out with all the haze!!

This wedding was all about friends, family, and celebrating a true love story. It was indeed a day to remember from the first time Forrest laid eyes on his beautiful wife walking down the aisle to the heartfelt speeches given by their loved ones to the endless laughing and dancing that rolled on late into the night. No one who was present will soon forget this day and their profound testimony of love. It was an absolute pleasure working with these two lovebirds, now go check out the photos below that prove just how magical this day truly was!

As your making your way through these GORGEOUS photos, make sure to take a peek at the incredible list of vendors that made this day all that it was! The names are located at the bottom of the page...enjoy your scrolling :)

Vendor List...

Venue: White Raven

Photography + Videography: Infinite Photography & Film

Hair: MVP Beauty

Makeup: Moxie Studio

Entertainment: Pulse Entertainment


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