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Vintage Winter Wedding at White Raven

Style is an important concept that is so easily lost on weddings. Not for lack of effort or desire, but simply lack of realistic inspiration, resources, and experience. What do I mean by this? Well...let's talk about it!

Realistic Inspiration...

Please please please do not interpret this as me saying you need to dream smaller for your wedding day...uh heck no. What I mean by realistic inspiration is simply understanding the season and setting of your big day. For example, while Pinterest is a great tool for overall inspo, as well as tips and tricks, unless you are specifically looking at your venues page, then you may be unconsciously setting up unrealistic ideas in your head. I'll be the first to say I am guilty of this habit as well. So instead of falling into this trap, let's talk about a different way of going about finding wedding inspiration. First, once your venue has been decided, stalk their Instagram page for ideas from past weddings and to get a feel of what Pinterest ideas you already have saved and loved that would fit in this setting. This is one of the reason we LOVE doing styled shoots. It's making a Pinterest board come to life, so that YOU can have better and more realistic inspo for your special day! Second, do a little bit of research on what weather will realistically look like around the time of your wedding, especially if you are not familiar with Montana weather. Talk to your venue about both indoor and outdoor options always, because the weather can always throw a curve ball. The venue featured in this blog is White Raven, just west of Missoula. They have beautiful indoor and outdoor ceremony sites. We love working with them so much, that this is the second styled shoot we've done with them. The first is a coral, summer inspired them that you can look over in our blog here.


Having access to good resources (ie. vendors) is a make or break for most weddings. It's so important to read reviews, check out websites, and instagrams when looking to book your vendors. A little tip on Instagram is to check out their tagged posts to see some of the people and styles they've worked with before. *cough cough, once again styled shoots such a this beauty at White Raven may be tagged and you could get some great inspiration from it!* Anyway, your vendors are the pieces to the puzzle that is your dream wedding, which is why each one matters SO much. Working with great vendors will ensure that your wedding dreams come together seamlessly. Stay tuned for our future blog on preferred vendors as well as checking out the vendors that we worked with to bring this modern, yet elegant European styled shoot together (names at the bottom of this page :)


Experience is important for somewhat of an obvious reason; the more you do something, the better you become at it. Now, we understand that most of you brides don't plan weddings every day... well you're in luck because WE DO. Yes, we've made mistakes. Yes, we are still learning. Buuuuuuuut, with every wedding we do, we get better at our job for YOU and that's why we know things you don't and think of things you may have never considered. That's what we are here for, so use us! Head over to our Why Have A Wedding Planner blog if you and your honey are considering getting some planning help for your big day and want more info!

If you're concerned about your vision getting lost or your style not showing through on your wedding day, check out our Design and Styling package, which is perfectly suited for just this!

The names and websites of all the AMAZING vendors who so generously donated their time, skills, and talents to this styled shoot are listed below. Make sure to check them out if you are interested in any of the styles presented in this wonderful work of art! Thanks again to everyone who helped bring this vision to life!

Photography: Roots and Willow

Venue: White Raven

Planning + Design: Wild Montana Wedding

Makeup: Skin Chic

Wedding Dress: Rococo Bridal

Groom's Attire: Tuxedo Gallery

Paper + Styling: Lichen & Pines Letterpress

Cake + Desserts: Frosting Cakery

Catering: A Moveable Feast

Rings: Rogers & Co.


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