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How to Plan a Montana Micro Wedding

What Is a Micro Wedding?

How To Plan A Montana Micro Wedding- Wedding couple walking in a field with flower bouquets in front of them and mountains in the background.

Photos by: Honeybee Weddings

A micro wedding is defined as an intimate wedding with typically no more than 40-50 guests. Micro weddings are described as a smaller version of the large traditional weddings we have come to know. Planning a Montana micro wedding is a great way to ditch the large guest list without missing out on wedding traditions.

Going micro might also be a way to save some money when it comes to planning your wedding. In the same instance, micro weddings can cost the same if not more than traditional weddings. Having a Montana micro wedding can open up luxurious options that would be out of the budget with a standard wedding. Make your wedding an experience for you and your guests! Let your imagination run wild and make it your dream day.

Choosing an intimate wedding option like a micro wedding, helps your day to feel more personable for you and your guests. Your guests can connect with you as a newlywed couple in a more personal way. Large weddings make it hard to connect with your guests due to the sheer size of your guest list! Micro weddings are sounding like a better option more and more!!!

Let us jump into how to plan a Montana micro wedding!!!

How To Tell Your Family

How To Plan A Montana Micro Wedding- Wedding couple and small group of guests standing on cliff toasting with champagne

Telling your family that you have decided to scale down can have the potential to be a hard conversation. Here are some super helpful tips to make this discussion go smoothly. When it comes time to have this conversation, telling your family face to face is the way to go.If face-to-face is not possible FaceTime or a phone call is always a great option!! Trust us they will appreciate hearing the news straight from you and your partner. This can also be the best way to make your intentions clear to your families and allow them to ask any questions they might have.

Share with them the reason why you have chosen to go micro over having a traditional large wedding. Being open about your reasons why you don't want to have a big wedding makes it easier for them to understand your perspective. When people understand why you chose to go small, their excitement and support for your decision are a lot easier!

Even with an explanation of why there will be some that might be upset with your decision. As hard as it might be, try to understand their perspective and be sensitive to their feelings. An option to help is enlisting your close family and friends that are invited to help explain your reason for choosing a micro wedding to those who are feeling left out. This can be the first step in getting your guests involved with planning your Montana micro wedding.

A micro wedding might be smaller but there is still a lot of planning that goes into it! There are plenty of ways to involve your family in your wedding planning. Enlist them to find fun activities to do together or to find awesome Airbnb's to choose from!

The last thing to remember is that your wedding day is about you. You have chosen to have a micro wedding for a reason, be sure to stand up for your why. There may be some hurt feelings along the way but when people see you happy they will be happy for you!

Plan Your Montana Wedding Experiences

Micro weddings are meant to be an experience for you and your guests. Don’t be afraid to plan some super fun things to do before, after, or even during your wedding! Montana has a very diverse array of activities available for you to choose from. Horseback riding to white water rafting the options are almost endless!! We have compiled a list of the top 50 things you could do on your Montana micro wedding day!!

  1. Have a picnic

  2. Take a boat cruise

  3. Wake up in time to enjoy the sunrise

  4. Marvel at the sunset

  5. Have s’mores by a campfire

  6. Go offroading

  7. Have a chef cook you a romantic dinner

  8. Go on a helicopter ride

  9. Dance under the stars

  10. Pop champagne

  11. Bring your favorite beer to cheers with

  12. Have dinner at a local restaurant

  13. Make a piece of art together

  14. Go horseback riding

  15. Canoe or kayak

  16. Jump into a lake in your wedding attire

  17. Rent the cutest Airbnb to celebrate at

  18. Take a gondola ride

  19. Go bar hopping with your group

  20. Go snowboarding or skiing

  21. Create your favorite cocktails together

  22. Visit a National Forest

  23. Write your vows

  24. Go camping (or Glamping)

  25. Soak in one of Montana’s hot springs

  26. Check out Lewis and Clark Caverns State park

  27. Visit a museum

  28. Visit Grizzly and Wolf discovery center

  29. Go to a farmers market

  30. Sing a song for your partner Photo's by: Honeybee Weddings

  31. Skinnydip in a remote body of water

  32. Rent your dream car for a day

  33. Get married on a ranch

  34. Stargaze by a campfire

  35. Have loved ones read letters they have written for you

  36. Get ready together

  37. Get married in Montana

  38. Visit a farm and pick fruit or vegetables

  39. Order a fancy meal that you have dreamed of

  40. Write down your dreams for the future together

  41. Take a winery or brewery tour

  42. Pick out each other's outfit for the day

  43. Marry your best friend

Montana Micro Wedding Planning Tips

You have decided to have a micro wedding, now what? We have some awesome tips for planning the perfect Montana Micro wedding! Be sure to check out our blog 2022 Top Wedding Trends for some more tips!

Plan A Weekday Micro Wedding

A micro wedding can give you more flexibility when planning the date of your nuptials. With a small guest list, it is much easier to coordinate with your group to plan your wedding on a day that is important to you. This can open up options for having your micro wedding on a weekday or even in the off-season. There are so many benefits to having your micro wedding during the week. If you choose to have your ceremony in one of our amazing National Parks having a weekday wedding there is a possibility of having smaller crowds. Weekday micro weddings also may be a less expensive option. Venues will sometimes charge more for those coveted weekend spots.

Speaking of wedding venues, having a weekday micro wedding gives you a higher chance of booking your dream venue! Pro tip: Weekday weddings are perfect for those who have a tight timeline, especially if you just want to do the damn thing! Your favorite vendors are also more likely to be available during the week. Photographers, wedding planners, and caterers tend to book up on the weekends. Opting for a weekday wedding means that your favorite vendors are more likely to be available. Last but not least, another great reason to choose a weekday for your micro wedding is that airfare and hotels can be cheaper during the week. This can help to save some money to splurge on other luxury details for your wedding day!

Splurge On The Experience

A smaller guest list means you can plan a fun and exciting experience for you and your guests. The whole point in planning a micro wedding in the first place is to be able to enjoy your day together with your closest family and friends. So why not plan a fun experience for you and your group! This is where our Montana experience list comes in handy. Whether you choose to plan a hike on one of our many hiking trails, or something a little more family-friendly like taking a boat cruise. Plan something that makes your wedding day special! Montana has a wide range of experience opportunities to offer, trust us we don’t disappoint!

Invest In An Amazing Photographer/ Videographer

Investing in a bomb photographer and videographer is always a great idea for your wedding day! Choose to have a professional photographer/videographer document the commitment between the two of you, so you can look back and remember every detail of your day! Photographers can also be a wealth of information if you are planning a destination wedding. They can give you pointers on where the best places are for stunning photos you’ve dreamt of. Planning a micro wedding gives you an opportunity to splurge on certain aspects and a photographer and videographer are high on the list!

*Pro-tip: Book your photographer/ videographer for two-day experiences! There is nothing better than having two days worth of wedding activity photos, the more the better! This also can open up your timeline so your wedding does not feel rushed!

National Park Weddings

Getting married in a National Park makes for some stunning photos, Montana’s National Parks do not disappoint. With two amazing National Parks to choose from, Montana has options for you. First, let us talk about Glacier National Park. With its rugged mountains, crystal clear glacial lakes, and towering pine trees it offers gorgeous backdrop opportunities. From the Shores of Lake Mcdonald to Many Glacier, Glacier National Park is the perfect spot for your micro wedding. Be sure to make sure to reach out to your wedding planner or check here to make sure your desired ceremony location is allowed.

Our second National Park is the famous Yellowstone. Another National Park along with the Rocky Mountains, with its sweeping mountain views, hydrothermal and geological features Yellowstone National Park is a unique place to marry the love of your life! Yellowstone National Park is also a great experience to enjoy with your guests. From the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River to the beautiful geothermal pools Yellowstone has some stunning options for your wedding day! Your wedding planner can help you to apply for necessary permits to have your dream Yellowstone National Park wedding.

How to downsize, but keep it special

Downsizing your wedding to a micro wedding has the possibility of leaving you feeling like you are missing out on some of the traditions of a big wedding. With Covid restrictions still going strong in some places, downsizing might be your only option. This doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the experience. To include those that could not attend your micro wedding, you could live-stream your ceremony so they can still be a part of your big day. If you choose to hire a videographer they can help you navigate this!

Have guests write a letter for you to read at your ceremony or reception. This is a great way to still include the guests that could not be there. Another great way to honor these guests is to have them record a speech to play at your reception. These are great options to still include those people that are important to you that could be there in person.

Photo's by: Honeybee Weddings

Making your micro wedding special to you and your partner is the most important thing. You chose to go small, so why not take full advantage of the opportunity to make your wedding the perfect start to the biggest adventure of your life. Do the things that make you happiest as a couple. Pop some champagne, jump into a glacial lake in your wedding attire, stargaze by a campfire cuddled up in a blanket. Go live your best life and have fun, remember this is your wedding day, no matter how big or small it is.

Best Venues for Montana Micro Weddings

  1. 320 Guest Ranch- Talk about a true taste of Montana, 320 Guest Ranch is exactly that. Just 36 miles away from Yellowstone National Park in the Gallatin Valley, 320 Guest Ranch is the perfect place to have the old west experience. The 320 Guest Ranch is an all-inclusive wedding venue that offers a plethora of activities for you and your guests. Horseback riding, rafting, and fly fishing are among many other activities that are offered at 320 Guest Ranch. They also offer catering on-site and have options for meals at McGill's restaurant and saloon, the cafe, and the chuckwagon bbq. There are plenty of options for food while you are exploring this awesome ranch! Check out this stunning wedding at 320 Guest Ranch photographed by Honeybee Weddings.

Photos by: Honeybee Weddings

  1. Firelight Farm- This beautiful farm is surrounded by the mountains of southwest Montana. Located close to Bozeman, Firelight Farm is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of town so you can relax and take in all of the stunning views. Although it is still close enough to Bozeman to be able to enjoy everything that it has to offer! They are also close to Yellowstone National Park being only an hour and a half drive away. Firelight Farm boasts a completely renovated 100-year-old barn that offers rustic charm with the luxurious experience you are looking for. The Fireflight Farm also has multiple outbuildings you can rent including the beautiful bridal suite and the fun groom's silo lounge!

  1. The Resort at Paws Up- The perfect example of nature meets luxury, The Resort at Paws Up really does have it all! Paws Up is a 37,000- acre working Montana ranch that is the perfect place to relax and explore. From ATV rides to the luxurious spa, Paws Up is the perfect place to splurge on the experience of a lifetime for your wedding day. With a plethora of wedding location possibilities Paws Up does have it all. Being all-inclusive The Resort at Paws Up can bring that luxurious feel to your wedding day and can give you that upscale feel you are looking for!

  1. Rainbow Ranch- Located in the Gallatin Range along the Gallatin River, Rainbow Ranch has those breathtaking mountain views you're looking for. Rainbow Ranch is an all-inclusive venue with multiple wedding location options that include their beautiful manicured lawns and their historic barn that was built in 1919. Located about 14 miles away from Big Sky Resort and about a 45-minute drive from Yellowstone National Park, there are plenty of options to explore before and after your Montana micro wedding! Rainbow Ranch is beautiful for weddings all year round and they offer sleigh rides in the winter! Check out this beautiful winter wedding at Rainbow Ranch!

  1. The Ranch at Rock Creek- The Ranch at Rock Creek is a one-of-a-kind destination wedding venue. As the first Forbes Travel Guide Five Star ranch, The Ranch at Rock Creek does not disappoint. Surrounded by mountains, Rock Creek is the perfect all-inclusive venue that has almost limitless ceremony location options to fit your perfect Montana micro wedding vision. The Ranch at Rock Creek offers many activities that include hiking, sapphire mining, and frontier skills. Talk about an experience for you and your guests!

  1. White Raven- Located about 25 minutes away from Missoula, the White Raven offers amazing mountain and river views. They describe their style as Modern- Montana, and an elegant mix of a modern city feel and a rustic lodge. With both indoor and outdoor ceremony options, this venue is a great option all year round! They also have two amazing lodging options on the property that offer those spectacular views! The venue is made to impress and offers you the sophisticated luxury to do so. Check out this styled shoot we designed at the White Raven, talk about amazing!

  1. Glacier Outdoor Weddings- Located just outside of Glacier National Park, Glacier Outdoor Weddings has two outdoor wedding locations to choose from. The first is the Park View Pavilion which has all of the necessities including power and bathrooms. The pavilion also has stunning views of Glacier National Park without having to be in the park! The second is the Glacier Homestead, located a short drive from Glacier National Park it offers a more secluded option for couples. The historic ranch is an intimate location that also offers lodging onsite and breathtaking views. Being so close to Glacier National Park there are plenty of adventure and sightseeing opportunities.

  1. East Glacier Park Lodge- Just minutes from Glacier National Park and Two Medicine Valley, East Glacier Park Lodge is perfectly situated to offer some absolutely stunning views. The lodge itself boasts towering douglas fir logs in the lobby and a large stone fireplace. East Glacier Park Lodge is the perfect place to unplug and immerse yourself in nature. With 3 banquet rooms and several outdoor ceremony locations, East Glacier Park Lodge had plenty of options for your Montana micro wedding. With its proximity to Glacier National Park and Two Medicine, the adventure options are abundant!

Montana Elopement and Micro Wedding Packages

Here at Wild Montana Wedding, we offer a variety of wedding planning services. WE would love for you to reach out for your specialized quote for your Montana micro wedding! We can’t wait to help you plan the wedding day of your dreams!!

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